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Helping Protect Your Workforce From Psychosocial Harm

FIFO Focus’ tailored services for FIFO Employers support you in creating mentally healthy workplaces. Our training and consultancy services are designed to proactively prevent harm and promote wellbeing and resilience in your organisation. We integrate our programs with your existing systems to minimise duplication and create the results you need for your workplace and employees.

Our registered psychologists and professionals are trained in dealing with the specific issues workplaces face. We offer a holistic, integrated and organisational level approach to increase mental health and reduce psychosocial harm associated with working in remote locations with our range of services that address the needs of your workforce and their families, as well as your business.

Services for FIFO Employers

Help For FIFO Employers

Benefits Of A Proactive Approach

Reduce your workforce psychosocial harm by getting help from the team at FIFO Focus. Contact us for a confidential discussion about how we can help your FIFO organisation today.

Proactively working to minimise psychosocial harm and increase mental health and wellbeing in FIFO workplaces results in healthier and happier FIFO workforces, which is good for business!

Organisational Benefits

  • Longer term, loyal, engaged and motivated workforce
  • Cohesive and aligned teams
  • Reputation as an employer of choice
  • Greater productivity and achievement of results
  • Improvement in safety record
  • Positive and aligned workplace culture
  • Cost savings from reduced absenteeism and attrition
  • Reduction in worker’s compensation, EEO or bullying and harassment claims.
Our Organisational Health Risk Assessments are a consulting service designed to assess the risk of mental harm in your FIFO organisation.
Our team of registered psychologists and behavourial consultants can design the framework to support culture in your organisation.
FIFO Life Awareness Programs can be delivered both pre-employment, to family groups and onsite. We offer flexible delivery with our own experienced team.
Our practical workshops give leaders in your organisation a framework to recognise warning signs of mental harm.
Our Mental Health Education Programs are designed to make your FIFO employees aware of the mental health implications of FIFO life.
We design tailored and targeted workplace solutions to address mental wellness challenges you are having in your workplace.

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