Psychosocial Hazards Assessments

Risk Assessments

For Psychosocial Harm And Organisational Health

Do you have a psychologically healthy and safe workplace that promotes employees’ psychological well-being and works to prevent mental harm to employees?

Our Psychosocial Hazards Assessments are a consulting service designed to identify the hazards and assess the risk of mental harm in your FIFO organisation.  We undertake assessments to identify, assess and develop measures to mitigate and control psychological hazards in your workplace.

Our Psychosocial Hazards and Risk Assessments are designed to meet the consultative requirements of the Work Health and Safety Act (2020) (WA) and relevant DMIRS Codes of Practice relating to psychosocial hazards.

Risk Assessment Areas

  • Psychosocial Hazards
  • Organisational Health
  • Risk Mitigation Measures
  • OSH  Compliance

We create happier, healthier FIFO Workplaces. Individuals. Families.

Our Organisational Health Risk Assessments are a consulting service designed to assess the risk of mental harm in your FIFO organisation.
Our team of registered psychologists and behavourial consultants can design the framework to support culture in your organisation.
FIFO Life Awareness Programs can be delivered both pre-employment, to family groups and onsite. We offer flexible delivery with our own experienced team.
We design tailored and targeted workplace solutions to address mental wellness challenges you are having in your workplace.

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