We create happier, healthier FIFO workplaces, individuals & families.

Supporting And Educating FIFO Workers and their Partners To Improve their FIFO Life

At FIFO Focus we are psychologists and behavioural consultants with many years of experience working to prevent mental harm and improve wellbeing for remote workers. We offer a range of coaching and educational services to help FIFO workers, their partners and those interested in pursuing a FIFO career.

Services For FIFO Workers and their Families

Why Do We Focus On FIFO Workers?

Have you ever been told how lucky you are to be working FIFO, but left feeling like a prisoner to your job? Did you choose this way of life to create a better future for yourself and your family, but feel disconnected from what really matters?

We understand what you are going through.

If you work in a remote location, you will know the downsides. There are increased risks to mental wellbeing associated with the FIFO, BIBO and DIDO life. Reduced levels of happiness and mental wellness affect you, your family and friends, and your workplace. Sometimes mental harm can have more serious and long lasting effects than physical injuries.

FIFO workers who improve their mental resilience are generally better placed to cope with the challenges of the FIFO workplace and lifestyle and able to reduce the incidence of mental harm in their lives.

Looking after FIFO Partners and Families

The FIFO lifestyle and resulting pressures have an impact on FIFO partners and families too. We offer a range of educational and coaching services that extend to spouses and children of FIFO workers.

The Benefits

FIFO Focus helps address mental wellbeing issues to create FIFO, BIDO and DIDO workers who are:

  • Healthier overall, both physically and mentally
  • Better equipped to manage work-life balance
  • Less susceptible to workplace incidents and illness
  • Better engaged with family, workmates and community
  • Absent less often
  • More productive
  • More valuable employees
Want to meet people who understand the challenges of the FIFO lifestyle? Check out our social events for FIFO Workers.
A range of workshops and learning events in the Perth metropolitan area for prospective and current FIFO workers and their partners.
Our registered psychologists are available to provide personalised counselling to deliver high-quality care, tailored to your needs.
Do you need to talk to someone one-to-one to discuss the challenges you are facing with FIFO and get actionable advice to improve your outcomes?

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