We create happier, healthier FIFO workplaces, individuals & families.

FIFO Focus is dedicated to minimising psychosocial risks associated with FIFO employment and promoting wellbeing for FIFO workers.

We are a team of registered psychologists and behavioural consultants working directly with the Fly-in Fly-out employment sector to identify and manage psychosocial risk areas of the lifestyle.

Our aim is to minimise psychosocial harm to FIFO workers, support their families and improve outcomes for FIFO employers. We focus on increasing FIFO workers’ resilience and wellbeing with support resources for individuals and workplaces.

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FIFO Counselling

Supporting And Educating FIFO Workers To Improve Mental Health

FIFO work, while rewarding, comes with its own unique challenges including increased risk to mental wellbeing. Reduced mental wellbeing impacts not only individuals and their employers, but families and wider society.

Designed by psychologists and behavioural consultants with experience in organisational health and the FIFO sector, FIFO Focus provides a comprehensive and integrated set of tools for individuals and their families as well as employers, to improve the psychological health and mental resilience of FIFO workers.

We aim to empower individuals and employers to proactively address mental wellbeing issues and create healthier, happier FIFO workplaces and people.

Helping Protect Your Workforce From Psychosocial Harm

FIFO Focus’ tailored services for FIFO Employers support you in creating a mentally healthy workplace. Our training and consultancy services are designed to minimise psychosocial harm and promote mental wellbeing and resilience in your organisation. We integrate our programs with your existing systems to minimise duplication and create the results you need for your workplace and employees.

Our registered psychologists and professionals are trained to deal with the specific issues organisations face. We offer a holistic, organisational level approach to increase mental health and reduce psychosocial harm associated with working in remote locations with our range of FIFO Employer services.


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