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At FIFO Focus, our skilled psychologists and behavioural consultants work with employers and individuals to create happier, healthier FIFO workplaces.


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The Benefits

What are the benefits of working with FIFO Focus?

If you are an employer or a worker in a remote location, you will know that there are workplace risks, including the increased risk to mental wellbeing associated with this lifestyle. Reduced levels of mental wellbeing impacts not only individuals and their employers, but families and wider society.  In some instances, the outcomes of mental harm are more serious and long lasting than physical injuries.

FIFO Focus helps address mental wellbeing issues to create healthier and happier FIFO workplaces. As psychologists and behavioural consultants, we work closely with employers and individuals to increase mental health and wellbeing among FIFO and remote workers.


Benefits for Employers

Proactively working to increase mental health and wellbeing in the workplace results in:

  • Longer term, loyal, engaged and motivated people
  • Cohesive and aligned teams
  • A reputation as an employer of choice
  • Greater productivity and achievement of results
  • Improvement in safety record
  • Positive and aligned workplace culture
  • Cost savings from reduced absenteeism and attrition
  • Reduction in worker’s compensation, EEO or bullying and harassment claims.

Benefits for Workers

FIFO workers who increase their mental resilience are generally:

  • Healthier overall, both physically and mentally
  • Better equipped to manage their work-life balance
  • Less susceptible to workplace incidents and illness
  • Better engaged with their family, workmates and community
  • Absent less often
  • More productive
  • More valuable employees

Designed by psychologists with experience in both organisational health and the FIFO sector, FIFO Focus provides a comprehensive and integrated set of tools which can be tailored to your workplace to improve the psychological health and mental resilience of your people.

Sandra Lam, Principal, FIFO Focus

Psychosocial Health Risk Assessment

Organisational Health and Psychosocial Harm Risk Assessments.

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Strategy and Policy

Psychosocial Health Strategy and Policy Development.

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Designing Targeted Solutions

Tailored interventions to minimise wasted effort and resources.

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Internal Training and Support

Training to help employees and workplace leaders identify and respond to mental health issues in themselves and others, including our PerMentor Program -designed to develop peer support within the work environment.

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Psychosocial Health Monitoring

Ongoing psychosocial health monitoring services to ensure you stay on track.

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FIFO Life Awareness Programs

Education of potential remote FIFO employees to ensure they understand the lifestyle challenges.

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Prevention is better than cure

The FIFO Focus adopts a prevention approach designed to:

  • identify potential risk areas
  • implement solutions to halt the potential impacts of mental harm before damage is done, and
  • increase mental resilience and wellbeing

We do this by coaching people and implementing workplace interventions to minimise the effects of psychosocial hazards. We increase individuals’ mental resilience through learned resourcefulness and growth.

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Mental health and wellbeing resources for FIFO workers and employers.

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Read our blog for stories and helpful info about living a healthy FIFO life.

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