FIFO Focus collaborates with like-minded businesses and service providers to offer effective solutions for FIFO organisations, workers and their families. If you would like to collaborate with FIFO Focus, please contact us.

We create happier, healthier FIFO Workplaces. Individuals. Families.

Friends Of FIFO Focus

We partner with the following organisations and businesses:

Delta Psychology is a group of clinical psychologists who are dedicated to ensuring that everyone has access to high-quality care.
Well-Sense Mental Health Training teaches your employees or organisational members to identify the early warning signs of mental health issues.
Performex are leaders in the Workplace Health and Wellness, Injury Management, Workers Compensation Rehabilitation and Clinical Exercise Physiology.
Performance Science HPO is a management consulting company focused on helping individuals, teams and organisations achieve high performance, whilst having fun at work.
Oasis Psychology offers a range of psychological services for both individuals and couples
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