FIFO Life Awareness Programs

Essential Pre-employment Programs

FIFO Life Awareness Programs for Employers

Our FIFO Life Awareness programs are designed to help make potential candidates and their families or partners aware of the realities of FIFO life. We give them practical tools to develop greater mental resilience and show them how to deal better with the stresses they may encounter while working away. Many existing employees who have attended our “Making FIFO work for you” programs have found it useful despite being seasoned FIFO workers.

Our FIFO Life Awareness Programs can be delivered both pre or during employment, to family groups and onsite. We offer flexible delivery with our own experienced consulting psychologists and behavioural professionals. This program is also available for your staff to deliver internally via our workshop kits.

FIFO Life Awareness Topics

  • Impact of FIFO life on you and your family
  • Overview of stresses to be prepared for
  • Planning your absences
  • Keeping your relationship healthy
  • Successful parenting
  • Coming home

We create happier, healthier FIFO Workplaces. Individuals. Families.

Our Organisational Health Risk Assessments are a consulting service designed to assess the risk of mental harm in your FIFO organisation.
Our team of registered psychologists and behavourial consultants can design the framework to support culture in your organisation.
FIFO Life Awareness Programs can be delivered both pre-employment, to family groups and onsite. We offer flexible delivery with our own experienced team.
Our practical workshops give leaders in your organisation a framework to recognise warning signs of mental harm.
Our Mental Health Education Programs are designed to make your FIFO employees aware of the mental health implications of FIFO life.
We design tailored and targeted workplace solutions to address mental wellness challenges you are having in your workplace.

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