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Leadership Team

A registered organisational psychologist and organisational development professional with over two decades of industry experience in the public and private sectors in Australia and overseas.
As a Clinical Psychologist, John works with FIFO workers at both an individual level and with their families.
Sharon aims to partner with organisations to improve performance by creating diverse, sustainable and safe workplaces with a strong reputation as an employer of choice.

Our Team

Experienced across a wide range of industries including mining, telecommunications, professional services, facilities services, policing, military, federal and state government.
Over twenty years experience across a range of industries including oil and gas, mining, IT, finance, government, defence, utilities and not‐for‐profit.
An engaging and motivated facilitator with 20 years’ experience in utilities, mining, oil and gas, technology, government and not-for-profit.
A caring and professional Facilitator from a diverse background, Alastair’s mission is to help people feel cared for by their organisation.
A sector and industry behavioural leadership chameleon with a single focus on inspiring a better engagement with life, people and environment.

Our Partners

Winner of a 2019 Business News '40 under 40’ Award, Lacey helps people become financially independent and reclaim their lives.
As a former Petroleum Engineer, Matt has over 15 years’ experience of educating and advising clients on how to manage their money simply and easily, so they can focus on enjoying life.
Ryan draws from his diverse previous work experiences with elite sporting teams, a strong corporate health and wellness background and several years in the workers compensation and return-to-work field.
As a high profile Recruitment, Human Resources, Career Development and OHS professional, Dani’s passion is people as well as employment opportunities in the mining and resources sectors.

Friends Of FIFO Focus

We partner with the following organisations and businesses:

Delta Psychology is a group of clinical psychologists who are dedicated to ensuring that everyone has access to high-quality care.
Since 2010, The Money School has helped thousands of people around the world become debt free, start saving and get on th
Performex are leaders in the Workplace Health and Wellness, Injury Management, Workers Compensation Rehabilitation and Clinical Exercise Physiology.
Performance Science HPO is a management consulting company focused on helping individuals, teams and organisations achieve high performance, whilst having fun at work.
Oasis Psychology offers a range of psychological services for both individuals and couples
THE resources HUB embraces workforce diversity and is committed to providing recruitment and HR solutions, employment outcomes, career guidance and training.
When a couple chooses to start a FIFO lifestyle often they don’t have any experience or understanding of what a FIFO relationship really entails. FIFO love provides support and coaching to staying connected.
Well-Sense Mental Health Training teaches your employees or organisational members to identify the early warning signs of mental health issues.

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