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Stress Response – Fight Flight Freeze – FIFO Focus

COVID-19 – Stress Reaction and Response

What’s your stress reaction and how should you respond during this time? Fight – Flight – Freeze. When we don’t feel safe, our stress reactions ...
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Mindset Shift During a Pandemic

Mindset Shift During A Pandemic

Practice changing what you are saying to yourself. It will change your perspective.
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Its Not Forever Its Just For Now FIFO Focus

It’s Not Forever, It’s Just For Now

It may feel as though we are in a bad movie that we didn’t audition for. With all the lockdowns and uncertainties, it is normal ...
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FIFO Life Part 43: Dealing with homesickness

Dr John provides information and tips on dealing with homesickness when working FIFO
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FIFO Life Christmas Segment: Coping with loneliness at Christmas time.

Loneliness is common during the Christmas time. Here are some tips to help getting over the feeling of loneliness at the 'most wonderful time ...
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FIFO Life Part 33: Ease the pain of switching between roles.

Sandra discusses ways to ease the pain of switching between roles when you are a FIFO worker
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FIFO Life Part 30: Dealing with loneliness.

Dr John discusses ways in which we can all be dealing with loneliness, particularly for the FIFO partner at home
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FIFO Life Part 29: Benefits of meditation for FIFO life

Sandra bring in special guest Anthony to talk about the benefits of mediation and how it can help your FIFO life.
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FIFO Life Part 20: FIFO, volunteering, and mental well-being.

Guest Author Kate McKenzie talks about volunteering for FIFO workers, how to get involved, and the positive impact it has on mental well-being.
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FIFO Life Part 16: Surviving the ‘blokey’ culture at work

FIFO Focus' Senior Consultant Sharon Rudderham talks about working an a 'blokey' culture and how to manage it.
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