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Free FIFO Partners Weekly Check-Ins

Partner working FIFO on a longer roster or you don’t know when they’re going to be home? Struggling to juggle everything on your own or ...
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Mental Health Spectrum – FIFO Focus

Keep mentally healthy whilst isolated

I did this for a dear friend who wanted to look after her people on site who are isolated. In case this helps you and ...
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Stress Response – Fight Flight Freeze – FIFO Focus

COVID-19 – Stress Reaction and Response

What’s your stress reaction and how should you respond during this time? Fight – Flight – Freeze. When we don’t feel safe, our stress reactions ...
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Mindset Shift During a Pandemic

Mindset Shift During A Pandemic

Practice changing what you are saying to yourself. It will change your perspective.
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FIFO Life Part 64: Should you forgive?

Dr John talks about forgiveness versus absolution and why you should forgive someone who hurts you.
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FIFO Life Part 63: Myths around suicide

In part 63, Sandra talks about the myths around suicide that the movie “13 Reasons Why” enhances. She is not a fan of the movie.
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FIFO Life Part 62: Food and mood

In part 62, Sandra talks about the linkages between food and our mood and how what we put in our body has a miraculous impact ...
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FIFO Life Part 61: Anger or anxiety?

Dr John talks about the link between anger and anxiety and why this is important for anger management.
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FIFO Life Part 60: Is it stress or anxiety?

Dr John talks about the difference between stress and anxiety so you know the more effective techniques to manage both.
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FIFO Life Part 59: Bi-polar disorder

Bi-polar disorder - why we should encourage those who may have it to seek help.
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