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Our Program Guide contains some common scenarios. We encourage you to get in touch with us to discuss your own requirements.

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We don’t know where to start

Mental health in the workplace can be a minefield. Here’s how we can start you off.

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Set us up for success

Do your business systems support organisational health?

Setting your workplace up with a sustainable approach to mental harm reduction requires a strategic, systems based approach. FIFO Focus can work with you to develop your mental harm reduction strategies and policies, as well as assist with ongoing monitoring to ensure all is going well.

Find out more about available toolkits to deliver mental harm reduction programs inhouse.

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Does my organisation actually need this?

FIFO Focus will undertake a Risk Assessment and Psychological Harm Assessment of your organisation to see where gaps exist and if your workplace needs some mental health interventions.

We will produce a report and discuss with you:

  • where action should be taken, and
  • how critical it is to your workplace and employees.

We will also discuss with you available delivery methods for interventions, including internal delivery models as appropriate.

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Ok, we need help

Need customised help to address or avoid mental harm issues in our workplace?

Do you need interventions now to address workplace mental health impacts? FIFO Focus is here to support you, with targeted solutions based on the latest research, designed specifically to fit within your organisation.

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We just need some additional training

If your organisation just needs some specific training to deliver programs such as stress management, FIFO Life Awareness and Fatigue management to your people and prospects, we can help. FIFO focus delivers training to your workplace leaders to help your organisation deliver mental health strategies in a sustainable way into the future.

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For Individuals

When you become a FIFO Worker, you think you know what the challenges will be but you’re often unprepared for how this lifestyle can affect your feelings and sense of self. FIFO Focus provides education, support and tools to help you recognise the symptoms of mental harm and learn techniques to help deal with environmental pressures better.

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