For FIFO workers

Could you be enjoying your life more?

For FIFO Workers

Are you a FIFO worker or a long distance commuting employee? Do you want a better deal with day to day stresses and challenges to lead a more fulfilling rewarding life?

If you want to:

  • Develop better connections and relationships with family and friends
  • Experience a sense of wellbeing, greater self-esteem and self-control
  • Improve your ability to deal with difficult situations and disappointments
  • Balance your work and personal life
  • Focus on work and your priorities regardless of what is happening around you
  • Cope better with problems on your own, even in difficult environments
  • Control your negative emotions
  • Limit feelings of being overwhelmed or stressed out
  • Become a better partner and parent

We can help.


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Programs for FIFO Workers

Helping you become healthier and happier

FIFO Focus are psychological and behavioural experts who are experienced in helping you become healthier.  We have worked extensively with FIFO workers and understand the specific challenges of this lifestyle and the impact it can have on mental wellbeing and resilience.

Our programs are aimed at preventing mental harm and stressors before they do long term damage. We offer a number of delivery methods including:

  • Individual mental resilience training and coaching
  • Self-guided program via video, podcast, workbook
  • Group training

We also provide an ongoing support network and community for individuals, via our private online forums, so that you can get and give support to others in the same situation.