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If you are an employer of FIFO and remote workers who wants to:

  • Have a more productive and engaged workforce
  • Improve your image as an Employer of Choice
  • Enhance and embed your workplace culture
  • Engage your employees in company goals
  • Significantly improve your safety, absenteeism and turnover results
  • Take a proactive rather than reactive approach to mental health and wellbeing in workers

We have a range of tailored solutions for you.

Improve Productivity
Become an Employer of Choice
Enhance Workplace Culture
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How can FIFO Focus help?

We offer a holistic, organisational level approach to increase mental health and reduce mental harm associated with working in remote locations.

FIFO Focus is one of the few psychological practices that has grown with an organisational mindset. We are a team of qualified registered psychologists and professionals trained in dealing with the specific issues organisations face. We offer a multi-disciplined approach to mental health and harm reduction, and improving mental resilience.

We understand the challenges associated with limited resources and take a sustainable approach to teaching employers and their people the tools they need to grow and develop their own strategies.

Systems-based Solutions

FIFO Focus provides holistic, end-to-end programs, with a systems approach identifying the external and internal factors affecting your workplace.  

Because we tailor solutions based on our proven programs for each client, we can integrate with your existing systems to minimise wastage and create the results you actually need in your workplace.

We understand that not all employers have the same level of resources and keep in mind your priorities, budget and level of risk when creating your programs.


Workplace Health and Safety Changes are coming

With changes to workplace health and safety laws on the horizon, mental health audits will soon become a much greater focus for Australian organisations. It is important for workplaces to be ready for these changes.

Benefits of Mental Health Investment

Apart from improving life for their workers, employers investing in workplace mental health also enjoy a positive workplace culture and an enhanced reputation as an Employer of Choice.

There are also real financial benefits for organisations that support good mental health in the workplace. A recent PWC report estimated the ROI for psychologically healthy workplaces at $2.30 for every $1 spent.

A Proactive Approach to Mental Harm Reduction

Many companies are aware of the challenges and stresses associated with the FIFO lifestyle and remote work, and understand that good policies and conditions help them attract and retain employees.

However, without a proactive, holistic approach to reducing mental harm and increasing mental resilience, employers are often forced to implement reactive solutions. These solutions address the symptoms associated with mental harm but not the root cause. 

Protect your organisation’s reputation and productivity and your workers’ health by taking a systems approach with FIFO Focus.

Employer Services

We focus on prevention above intervention and aim to become your trusted partners in organisational health.

We offer a full range of services to employers that address workplace mental health.

Our capability includes:

  • Psychosocial and Organisational Health Risk Assessments
  • Psychological Health Strategy and Policy Development
  • Design of targeted solutions for your workplace
  • Psychosocial Health Monitoring
  • Training programs for supervisors and managers
  • Candidate education and assessment programs
Psychosocial Harm and Organisational Health Risk Assessments

FIFO Focus’ registered psychologists, behavioural practitioners and consultants conduct risk assessments on your psychosocial work environment. We inform you about the actual risks facing your workforce so that responses are tailored and prioritised.

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Internal Training and Support

FIFO Focus provides tailored training to help workplace leaders identify, manage and respond to mental health issues. We support your organisation’s sustainable approach to a psychologically healthy workplace while improving the bottom line. Our PerMentor Program is designed to develop and support employees and leaders within the work environment, training selected staff to identify and support colleagues experiencing personal or work related concerns.

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Psychosocial Health Strategy and Policy Development

FIFO Focus will help you develop a Psychosocial Health Strategy for your workplace; review and establish internal policies, processes, and procedures; and put in place preventative measures to minimise future psychological risk to your employees.

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Psychosocial Health Monitoring

FIFO Focus provides ongoing psychosocial health monitoring services to ensure you stay on track and are able to intervene to prevent mental harm before it impacts on your people and your business.

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Designing Targeted Solutions

Once psychological risks have been identified, FIFO Focus can work with you to design tailored psychological health interventions that minimise wasted effort and resources, and produce results.

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FIFO Life Awareness Programs

Attrition and harm is minimised if potential FIFO Workers are aware of the real challenges of remote work. Our FIFO Life Awareness programs can be provided both at pre-employment or delivered on an intermittent basis depending the needs your organisation. Available fully delivered or as in-house training modules.
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FIFO Focus takes a proactive approach to protecting your people and workplace from the effects of mental harm