Our Approach

Wouldn’t it be better to prevent mental harm to workers before the ramifications are felt?

Working with us

When dealing with issues of mental wellbeing and emotional resilience in the workplace, organisational strategies have traditionally been reactive – responding to and addressing problems once they have already manifested.

But when mental harm impacts individual workers, safety results, reputation, workplace culture, productivity and profitability, wouldn’t it be better to prevent it before the ramifications are felt?

We work with employers to reduce mental harm

FIFO Focus takes a proactive approach to improving mental resilience in order to limit mental harm issues in the workplace. This benefits both employers and workers.

We believe prevention is far better than cure. Our team of registered psychologists and professionals are skilled at designing and implementing tailored, evidence based solutions that:

  • reduce risk factors, and
  • enhance protective factors

to minimise mental harm and build mental resilience.

Creating sustainable improvement is our goal

One of our key values at FIFO Focus is sustainability. We partner with you to build your workplace’s internal capacity to develop a more mentally healthy and resilient workforce – with or without our ongoing assistance. Of course, we are always available to support you on an ongoing basis, depending on your needs.

Our expert team of registered psychologists, behavioural consultants and other professionals uses the latest organisational mental health research to create practical solutions and systems for workplaces and their people.

Meet our team

We’re highly experienced workplace consultants, qualified and skilled at improving mental health for FIFO workers.

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