FIFO Focus – Supporting Mental Health for FIFO Workers

FIFO Focus is an organisational psychology practice that implements proven strategies to increase mental resilience and reduce mental harm associated with remote workforces.

It’s no secret that whilst the Fly In Fly Out (FIFO) lifestyle has some great advantages including the opportunity for financial stability, travel and time off, living and working away from home can be challenging and stressful. If not proactively managed, lifestyle stress may negatively impact employees, their families, their workplaces and communities.

FIFO Focus promotes mental health for FIFO workers and supports employers to design psychologically healthy workplaces.

We work with both employers and their most important asset, their people, to implement strategies which develop mental resilience. Supporting people to stay happy, healthy and in a positive frame of mind allows them to be focused on work whilst at work, positively impacting the job satisfaction and ultimately, the bottom line.

Our programs are packed with practical information to create positive change that makes a real difference from the individual worker to whole-of-organisation level, delivering tangible and measurable results.

Why do workplaces need FIFO Focus?

Over the last 25 years there has been massive growth in FIFO and other long distance employment in Australia. While this style of working offers some great advantages, there are lifestyle stresses associated with remote employment that can negatively affect workers’ health and happiness.

Some of the challenges of the FIFO lifestyle include:

  • Feelings of loneliness, isolation and being disconnected from loved ones
  • Guilt or anger about missing out on important events at home, including raising children
  • Physical side-effects from shift work and changes in diet and activity
  • Struggles to readjust and manage relationships

Why is long term stress harmful?

If not managed well, ongoing exposure to stress can lead to physical illnesses, significantly reduce feelings of wellbeing, or trigger symptoms such as depression and anxiety.  Left unchecked, mental health issues can result in harm to self or others, chronic mental illness and even suicide.

From an employer’s perspective, physical and mental health issues can negatively impact the workplace and the bottom line.  Whilst difficult to identify, these issues can manifest in a number of different ways including:

  • strained working relationships and poor teamwork
  • absenteeism and costs of contract labour to cover staff resourcing
  • high turnover
  • underperforming employees and under productivity in workplaces leading to goals and targets not being met
  • bullying and harassment
  • disciplinary issues
  • EEO claims
  • safety incidents and accidents leading to workers’ compensation claims

What are the benefits of working with FIFO Focus?

FIFO Focus assists employers and their people implement proven strategies to increase mental resilience to reduce mental harm associated with working in remote locations.

Benefits to employers

For employers, proactively working to increase mental resilience within the workplace results in:

  • Longer term, loyal, engaged and motivated people
  • Cohesive and aligned teams
  • An enhanced reputation as an employer of choice
  • Greater productivity and achievement of business results
  • Improvement is safety results
  • Positive and aligned workplace culture
  • Cost savings associated with reduced absenteeism and attrition
  • Reduction in worker’s compensation, EEO or bullying and harassment claims.

Benefits to workers

FIFO workers who increase their mental resilience are generally:

  • more healthy overall, both physically and mentally
  • better equipped to manage their work-life balance
  • less susceptible to workplace incidents and illness
  • better engaged with their family, workmates and community
  • absent less often
  • more productive

Designed by psychologists with experience in both organisational health and the FIFO sector, FIFO Focus provides a comprehensive and integrated set of tools which can be tailored to your workplace to improve the psychological health and mental resilience of your people.

Prevention is better than cure

The FIFO Focus adopts a prevention approach designed to

  1. identify potential risk areas, and
  2. implement solutions to halt the potential impacts of mental harm before damage is done.

We do this by coaching people and implementing workplace interventions to minimise the effects of stress and increase individuals’ mental resilience through learned resourcefulness and growth.

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